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Personal Training feat. Friendship

I didn't know it then, but I met Alli at the perfect time. I went to her thinking I was just looking for some fitness guidance, but I think what I was really looking for was inspiration. 

The first day I met her we sat out on her patio for my assessment. She was all cool with her shades and her biceps and I was SOOOOO nervous. She asked me what my goals were and I think I gave her something pretty basic - like I just wanted to get stronger overall (UPDATE: little did I know I was going to end up aiming my sights on Medical Technician in the Canadian Military). So we chatted a bit more and decided I would join 5 STAK (the small group fitness class she offered once a week that was for beginners)  and have a couple private sessions each week as well. 

I left her studio that day feeling inspired and happy and knew that I had made the right decision. One year later and I am much stronger in many ways and still, even on my worst days, I leave her studio feeling a little bit lighter... sweaty and occasionally feeling like I might die, but always lighter. 

Alli is this strong, tough, but incredibly kind person who radiates positivity and has dedicated her life to inspiring & helping others. Meeting with her was the best decision I could have made and every day I'm thankful for her support and ( VERY HONEST) guidance. 

Also, she's a pretty gifted photographer, so you can expect some sweaty candids. AND I recently learned she can juggle, so you're really gonna have a hard time finding someone cooler than her to train you... just saying'. 

Finally. Don't be embarrassed if you throw up in her parking lot either. It happens to the best of us. 


Aug 2017. 

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