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Nicole Knee.

The best Christmas present I ever gave myself was Alli Ross!!  I purchased her Christmas package in December of 2016 after seeing a photo of her abs on facebook, no lie.  I was like; ok if she can do that to herself then she can definitely help me.  I walked into Alli’s studio for my consultation 8 weeks after having my second baby, with a long list of ailments, overweight and feeling lost.  I felt like I needed something different in my life or maybe it was someone different.  Let’s just say that was a life changing moment.  

Fast forward through 2017, with my little girl in tow and sometimes my son,  I never missed my weekly training session, I only missed one evening  5 Stak class because I was literally incapacitated due to a migraine, then by September, adding lunch time 5 Stak to my weekly program, brought me to the studio 3 times a week.   Every single time I was dripping sweat, my butt was kicked and my children were entertained.  I have gained my strength back that I lost from the previous year because of health issues and pregnancy.  My muscles are starting to show again, which makes me giddy, and I am always showing them off to my boyfriend!  My clothes are looser, my mind is clearer, my smile is bigger and I have learned a lot about myself and fitness.  To top it off I met some pretty awesome people in the studio.  

As for Alli, what can I say that hasn’t already been said except, you won’t find another human or trainer like her.   She is secretly a baby whisperer.  She practices what she preaches.  You will never have to second guess yourself with Alli, she tells you like it is, but will never make you feel bad about yourself or your choices.  Her energy is contagious and so is her sarcasm.  Once you are a part of her fit family you won’t want to be a part of another one.   Sorry Alli, you are stuck with me now, girl!!  So, to perfectly describe Alli in one word, which she likes to use as well, is …. EPIC!!

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