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Personal Training


I can either come to your house or you can come to my studio. Whichever works best for you. I am able to train you anywhere. Killing fat & building muscle is my job & I'm great at it because I love it. 50 year old guy or 20 years old gal... I can help you. Training for a specific sport, hoping to chase your kids around with their sports, trying to lose that stubborn baby weight, trying to loose the "beer", or finally just decided it was time to change your life for the better; I can help. Oh, and I totally allow mom's to bring their baby's or todlers if necessary, all the time or just a once off. 

Most of my clients do 30 min or 45 min sessions as opposed to 60 mins. 



Initial Assessment (55min) - $100*

* All new clients are required to start with an Assessment. If you would like to get started now, please send an e-mail from the contact page requesting information on how to set up an assessment. The Assessment is a chance for us to get to know one another & discuss your goals as well as a timeline for those goals. We also take measurements & photos as well as discuss how the studio runs and nutrition. 


Personal Training 30 mins (1-on-1) - $55/30 mins 

Personal Training 45 mins (1-on-1) - $75/45 mins

Personal Training 60 min (1-on-1)  - $100/60 mins

** please note: there is a 48 hr cancellation policy for all sessions booked which is the price of the session. 


In-Home Personal Training

Can't leave the house? New baby? Todlers? Work from home? Or maybe you've simply have invested in an awesome in-home gym you'd love to get using? No problem! 

 I offer In-Home Personal Training for an added $25 to any session within the city of Peterborough & up to $50 for outside city limits. 


Small Group Training

2-4 people

Hours Open

Monday -----

Tuesday 10 - 6PM

Wed 10 - 6PM

Thurs 10 - 5 PM

Fri 10 - 2PM

Don't want to train alone? Have a friend who wants a workout partner? I can also train you if you have a small group of friends who would all like to sweat & moan together. It's a blast to all wake up the next day complaining about the same thing. (ie. "it hurts to pee"... or "I can't even use my stomach to get up out of bed.... let alone my arms".) Way more fun to be able to share the anguish. 


Prices: Full normal price + half the normal price for each additional client. 

Small Group Training (2 ppl / 45 mins) - $75 + $37.50 = $ 112.5*

Small Group Training (3 ppl / 45 mins) - $75 + $37.5 + $37.5 = 150*



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