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Dec 10th 2015




I was always just a runner, and never big on cross training unless I was injured, but since I've had children cross training isn't very feasible (too time consuming). I severely injured my hamstring last summer was getting pretty depressed, putting on weight, and approaching the worst shape in my life. NOTHING was working for my leg-not swimming, not rest, not biking, not barre classes, not massage. I heard about your classes from a friend; I had no expectations and figured it would be another thing that wouldn't work. But I was wrong - I think it's because Alli always makes sure I'm doing the exercise properly (as she know sby now, I have naturally terrible form!). Her classes were the first exercise I could do that didn't make my leg worse. Alli took the time to show me modifications & I decided I would keep it up as long as it didn't hurt my leg ... but then noticed my leg didn't hurt as much when I sat. I could go for very short jogs and it was ok. I added in a few visits to a physiotherapist and some massage sessions and have been finally able to add a little distance to each run, and can run about 3x week. I'm not nearly where I want to be but I'm finally getting closer. I've also realized the value of keeping up cross training/strength building, especially now that I'm over 40. Recently, I had the best run I've had since before the injury and it felt wonderful. Your classes have made all the difference, and I am truly grateful. They've made me feel stronger than I ever have, and healthier, and I never want to give that up.  Thanks for being you, Alli, and demanding excellence!

**** A small note of advice to any new-comer :  Alli is tough, don't be turned off by it, it's just her way of ensuring we get in shape and get it right. If it seems like she's been all over you one day regarding your form, don't be discouraged - she's just watching out for you, not "picking" on you - so try and take it positively. Personally, I really like Alli's style; it's the military general style, we have to work to make her happy and it's tough to get her approval. That makes me work harder. I know she wants the best for us and wants us to get the most out of our time. So on days when it seems like she is non-stop focusing on my form I'm glad for it because I know she just wants to be sure I learn how to do every exercise the right way - I trust her guidance despite the fact it's not sugar coated. I love it !!!

When PRHC first started the WHIP program I read the email and deleted it! 

Then one of the girls (Sherry) in our office was going and she said to me after her work out. ... You should come.... You would like it... Come on Friday it is free just so you can try it out. I made a few excuses and then bit the bullet and went! It was run by Sonya Sedgwick at that time well I went that Friday and that was over four years ago and I have not stopped!  Sonya tried a few outside trainers, they were ok but then she found Alli Ross...... Well heaven help us! We were getting "WHIPped" into shape.

Sore legs, sore arms, sore boobs (from hundreds of pushups) sore abs.... OMG our bodies ached... But it was a good ache! Alli is so enthusiastic and encouraging and just when you think you can't do another push up, burpee, squat... She gets you to do 10 more! 

I have more energy, more strength, more endurance because of Alli! Because of Alli I did the James Fund 5 km run, never done that before, participated in Alli's first ever Workout weekend in Toronto - never did that before either, and the greatest feat of all was this past January I climbed/hiked up Mt Meru in Tanzania Africa! I could not have done it without Alli!

So all of Alli's hard work outs and positive reinforcement and just her overall great personality is what gives me the motivation to keep going and work harder and push myself to the limit! 

Thanks Alli. ... You Rock!



Alli Ross has whipped my ass in the PRHC WHIP class for the past 3 years! I can honestly say, I have never had the same class twice! Thank you Alli - for your commitment, your creativity and no bullshit attitude! I am truly happier, definitely stronger and absolutely healthier then I was 3 years ago. 


I started Whip class after 6 months of paternity leave.  With a one year old at home I had no idea when I would be able to make time to work out.  Up until then I used a gym I had set up in the basement, but the thought of trying to get motivated enough to work out after putting my daughter to sleep was unappealing.  So the opportunity to work out three times a week, over lunch time was exactly what I needed.   I am lucky enough to have a clinical team that allows me to duck out to class before noon and come back after lunch a little stiff and sore.  I’ve watched my balance, flexibility, core strength and endurance improve.  I’ve been able to eek out more push ups and lunges (so many lunges) since starting the program.  The workouts are for the most part balanced, with Alli deciding that sometimes it’s time to pick on one muscle group and make you feel that for a couple days.  I am thankful that my workplace supports this program and that Alli is here to put us through our paces.



Working out with Alli for almost two years has totally changed the shape of my body from soft and round to firm and strong. She pushes you as hard as you think you can be pushed, then pushes some more. And she makes you feel like you have accomplished something great with each work out. And you have!! One last round, one last time. You can do this! Wimp is not in her vocabulary!! The way she encourages (ok pushes you hard) works really well for me. I respond to that, and it makes me keep going. And I'm pretty sure she has picked up on that! She drives me to try more and go harder.  Even if I'm not working out with Alli, I can hear her voice making me finish. She also does this random check-in, to make sure we're getting what we want. She chats about lifestyle changes and food choices. It's not just Drill Sergeant Alli, she also shares her breadth of knowledge with us. And she lives the example she preaches. She is inspiring on a personal level. That matters too. It is so fantastic to fit this into my work day. We're very lucky she comes to our work place and offers us this amazing service, and that our workplace supports our quest for a balanced life.

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