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Lost 70 lbs in 5 months & she's not stopping there!

Although my fitness journey has just begun I’m already a completely different person from when I walked through that door! I have been working out with Alli for the past 7 months and I have successfully lost 70lbs and counting!! It is with Alli’s ongoing support that I’m more motivated than ever to reach my personal fitness goals. I’m so happy that I found this girl; she’s definitely my fitness hero and couldn’t have it done without her!

Six months ago I took a look in the mirror and decided it was time to completely change my life.  I knew I wanted to lose weight and become a stronger version of myself but I knew the journey would never be easy and definitely not quick.  I decided that I needed someone to help guide me, motivate me and inspire me along the way, and this is when I found Alli Ross!

From day one Alli has continued to push me to my limit! And let me tell you, it’s great!!  Take it from me; I’m the girl that walked in completely out of shape.  My first session (I remember it well) I limped to my car in agony and crawled up the stairs at work for 3 days afterwards but it was the pain that made it great! I know you must think I’m crazy but that pain means you’re pushing your limits!  You’re making yourself better after each session! And that’s something to be proud of!  There will be days you think “I can’t do this” but Alli is there by your side the whole time telling you that you CAN…and trust me, you can do it! She had to tell me that I CAN pretty well every session and well, this girl was right! Like Alli always says, “you’re always stronger than you know” and she has definitely proved it with me!

Now, like anyone else, you will have your bad days and your good days. You may have a session where you think “man, I hope I never have to do those jumping lunges ever again” and you probably won’t (for a while, anyways) but the next time Alli throws those jumping lunges at you (although you may cry inside at the thought) you will do them with ease instead of tripping on your own two feet (yes I did this) and feel pretty darn good about your progress! That is one of the things I love best about Alli is her ability to mix up each work out. You never know what she will have you do next!!  I have learned so much from her!! Every session is a new experience and it has helped me develop a newly found confidence when working out on my own at the gym.  Alli recommended I try NuBodies out and I'm so glad I did. It was the exact atmosphere I needed.

Alli is truly an amazing person; she never makes you feel judged only fully supported. You can laugh at yourself and heck she’ll even laugh with you! (when you completely position yourself awkwardly in an exercise even though she demonstrated it for you 5 times (lol)). It just makes her studio that much more welcoming.  To top it off she has helped me develop a newly found passion for living a healthy lifestyle. From inquiries about meal choices, to workouts, to nutritional supplements and simply personal motivation she is your girl for it all!! 


Like Alli always says: “fitness is a lifestyle not just a destination”  - so I recommend Alli to you if you’re considering on making her fitness studio YOUR next destination to change your overall lifestyle! I promise that you’ll be glad you did!  

Thanks so much for everything Alli.


P.S. We both now fit in my winter jacket from last year ! 

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