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Simin. Liu.

To you: hello there.

Please excuse my super interesting and awesome way of describing things, english is not my first language! But I seriously enjoy using it. 


We may know each other or we may not have meet up yet, however, thanks for taking the time to read these words from me.

Are decisions easy to make, or are they not? I know commitment IS NOT easy, is it? From " Will I? " to " I will! ", the distance is way longer than simply the single space between the words. Action is far more difficult than the deciding and action of doing.

Alli supported me a lot along my journey into a better, healthier lifestyle - from the beginning untill now - as my Personal Trainer and as a friend. When you read different testimonials from this website, you may find someone's story similar to what you want to achieve, or you may not immediately find the words or story you are looking for. However, by making the first step and coming to this site you have already given yourself the chance to start thinking differently. You have begun to give yourself the opportunity to make an awesome change, to change your life. It is an opportunity to perceive things differently, to be a little uncomfortable, and to reach outside of what you have always known. Welcome.


From the day that I could hardly complete a 10-second plank perfectly (I mean close to perfect) to the day I completed an  80-second and then 4 min plank, from the day I could not even finish 5 proper pushups with good form from my knees to the day I completed  25 push-ups, it took me almost 2 years. Of course many more things were achieved in 2 years, but you get the point. Sometimes I wonder if the turtle may move faster than I do. However, the speed is not always the fundamental standard for everything in life, right? So we keep trying, at our own pace. Achieving small and large goals as we move forward. 

The best part of Alli's training, I found, was that you are the one who actually owns the pen to draw the direction you want go and thus create the image of what you want to achieve. You are the one who will make the decision and commit to it, to show up. To walk through her doors. You can have freedom, but you must also understand how to have self control. You must be conscious of your choices and decisions, and in the end, be dedicated to them outside the studio as well. 

I really wish I could share all of wonderful training experiences from AlliRoss with you but I believe everyone should have their own experiences and create their own fitness story. I will say it was not always fun and it was definately not always (or ever) easy, but it was very worth it. If I am lucky enough, perhaps our paths will cross and we can share our painful studio stories together. Looking forward to meeting you at some point along the way of this journey we call being fit. It will be awesome.





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