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Fascial Stretch Therapy ( FST )



Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST) is a system of assisted stretching techniques which focus on muscles, joints, & connective tissue. Fascia (pronounced “fash-a”) is a network of layered connective tissue that surrounds muscles, bones & joints. Restricted fascia and restricted joint capsules can lead to conditions such as osteoarthritis, painful or restricted movement, increased muscle tightness, strains, headaches, tendon injuries, scar tissue formation, decreased blood flow and reduced energy levels. It can also seriously get in the way of your strength or lifestyle goals. With the client on the table, I will help you stabilize your body as you are gently helped into specific stretches in order to facilitate relaxation throughout your joints and body. FST is different from massage and other flexibility programs as it starts with a gentle traction of the joint. This allows for a deeper stretch by creating more space in the joint & is something not easily achievable when stretching on your own. If you are looking for more flexibility, to improve mobility, recover from training or injury, or are looking to prevent injury this is the treatment for you.

I am a certified, Level 3 FST Specialist through the internationally renowned Stretch to Win Institute in Chandler, Arizona & have never stopped upgrading my skills with them. I completed Level 1 in May 2019, Level 2 in Feb 2020, & the 3rd & final level in Dec 2020 . After I had my motorcycle accident (mentioned in the Mission page) I went through years of various treatments. None of which gave me lasting pain relief - except for FST & Thai Yoga Massage. Since then I have been a sponge for anything fascia, stretch, or mobility related. I'm so passionate about sharing this & so excited to now be offering this treatment to you from the Studio or in your own homes.  Please head over to the contact page if you are interested in booking your first FST session with me. 


** Please note 60 or 75 mins is recommended for your first stretch but, of course, that's entirely up to you. 

  • 30 min $65

  • 45 min $85

  • 60 min $100

  • 75 min $125

  • 90 min $150

**All prices shown include tax.

** 48 hr cancellation policy on all booked sessions.

Please take a look below the photos for some short testimonials from FST clients. 

Fascial Stretch Testimonials

Sheri W. 

Aug 2019.

I recently sign up for a lunch strength and stretch class with Alli Ross Trainer. I knew what I was in for. This girl can kill my muscles like no one else. She’s great at putting the most into a workout in less time than you’d think. She offered me to try her latest service, fascial stretch. It’s relaxing like a massage and a different stretch than yoga. What a perfect service from someone that knows the body. 

I left feeling light, loose and relaxed. If you have any question, feel free to ask me or message Alli herself.


July 2019.

I'm always cautious to try new treatments given my ongoing back issues, but after just 1 session of fascial stretch therapy I feel great! I went in feeling super tense (mentally & physically) and by the end I could actually see movement return to each area of my body plus I felt relaxed & balanced again.
If you want to try something that's good for your body and mind, give this a shot! I will definitely be going back for more :)

Gus N.  

Aug 2019.

I haven't walked this pain free in over a year. Alli, you have someone in your corner that will tell anyone about you & what you do. I can't begin to thank you enough; & to think we are only 1 session in. 

Update: Day 2 has been just as good, possibly feeling even better than yesterday. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 

PS. I'm e-mailing you to get my wife in next week!

Katherine C.  

Sept 2019.

I may never get a massage again: Alli is a wise, insightful and incredibly effective practitioner of Fascial Stretch Therapy - a treatment that is literally teaching my body how to heal itself. After two treatments, I feel taller, lighter and far more at ease whatever I’m doing. And her studio space is beautiful - a hidden wonder of downtown Peterborough. Go! You will not regret this intense, relaxing, and marvellous experience.

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