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Personal Training

   I originally went to Alli five months after my son was born because like most new moms, I didn't have a lot of extra time to work out and when I did have time, sitting on my butt with a hot cup of coffee trumped working out ANY DAY.

   I dragged my sad looking self into her and basically asked her to perform what I thought would be a miracle. She didn't seem to think that it was that great of a feat (HA!) and I walked out of our initial meeting feeling like there might actually be a chance to get my pre-baby body back.

I had a sensible expectation for how I would LOOK after a few months, what I didn't expect was how I would FEEL. I didn't know that getting stronger would make me FEEL stronger. Not just physically but mentally. My work outs started becoming a therapy session. Not only was it a chance to get away from my kid on days where they wouldn't  stop whining, but the conversation with Alli was always enjoyable. The 45 minute work out flew by because we spent the whole time chatting and bonding over our similar interests.

     After a few weeks of working out twice a week with Alli I asked her 'should I be working out at home too?' Her response was 'if you're asking me that, you already know the answer (YES)'. So I worked out at home a grand total of about five times after that.... But I still see amazing results. Alli is so good at what she does that I can see her twice a week and eat somewhat healthy (could be better but you know... Shift work, baby, wine), without working out at home and still see wicked results week after week. I have abs that I didn't think we're possible post-partum and legs that I've only ever dreamed of in the past. It takes time but that first time you notice results yourself will be the day that solidifies the work out routine. I had people tell me my legs looked great long before I saw it, and when I finally did I was so pumped! I've always been a 'skinny' girl but never a 'fit' girl. I honestly didn't think my legs would look any different than they always have. And what about those push ups that she made me do? Which I hate more than folding laundry, by the way.... They worked! I have muscles... Like real, 'I can open a jar by myself' muscles. I told Alli I hated her on numerous occasions, only for her to respond with 'Ok, go!', and I did, and it always felt great to feel like my life was at risk going down both sets of stairs after a work out.

My schedule is crazy and sometimes I don't get to work out with Alli for weeks on end, but when I get back into her studio I feel so much better physically and mentally. I've even brought my baby along for workouts, and used Alli for built in babysitter while she kicked by butt!

      If you're on the fence about meeting with her, I suggest just giving it a try. You won't be disappointed. You may not be able to go down the stairs vertically for a bit, but you most definitely won't be disappointed. 

- Emily.

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