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Jennette. G. 

Below is my good friend Jennette's testimonial. It's written in essay form as she actually wrote this for a college course she was taking back in 2016. I'm so beyond proud of everything she's accomplished. 
This is a portion of her essay :) 

My friend Alli Ross and I share a common passion: fitness.  I have joined large gyms, participated in pilates classes, boot camps, running groups and had several personal trainers. After having children I felt like I just wanted my body back and it didn’t matter how hard I worked, the results just weren’t what I had hoped for. I needed help understanding what my body needed physically, mentally and nutritionally.


A year later, I now call Alli my personal trainer, dear friend, and my motivation to being a better person.

Alli Ross is an example of someone who has created a business by kicking people’s butts and constantly encouraging them to work towards their goals. Her passion for "living your life" is contagious. Alli’s workout techniques are constantly changing and tailored specifically to her clients’ needs so they will see results. She believes you practice what you preach and for her that is making personal fitness a lifestyle.

I will never forget the day I booked a fitness consult to check out the Alli Ross Training Studio. Entering into the beautiful bricked studio with shiny hardwood floors, each piece of workout equipment was perfectly placed and I could hear the energy from the streets outside the cracked window. Sitting on a green stool waiting my arrival was this petite, sporty, strong figured, stunning redhead. Alli greeted me with a hello and I instantly felt like this was going to be a match for the journey I was on. What I didn’t realize was that she offers much more than just fitness training.

I have trained with her now for over a year ( a couple of times a week) and we've played around with various nutritional strategies that have been really manageable and positive additions to my daily routines. I don't envision stopping any of this anytime soon. Even if it's just getting in to one of the evening 6STAK group classes, because let's face it, life gets busy! I personally challenge everyone to try one of these classes! I'm happier with my body and have achieved some pretty cool things while sweating in this studio. 

 Alli's philosophy has become, “always saying YES and never saying NO!”  as well as " we are always stronger than we know". (Ross, personal communication, October 25, 2016). Alli surrounds herself with like-minded people and thrives to build lasting relationships. Today she can look back and see how her life went full circle as her psychology degree and major motorcycle accident have contributed to her success as a trainer. It makes her relatable. In the studio, she promotes a lifestyle and wants to help you make your LIFE better not just your body.  Alli is just happy to be here and explained, “My business is here because of my clients, they are so much bigger than just me. No one builds anything alone”. (Ross, personal communication, October 25, 2016).

Alli Ross epitomizes the world of fitness.  She is very direct with her expectations and makes it known that it takes hard work, consistency, and dedication but that together goals will be reached.  She constantly uses her clients’ needs as inspiration to be educated with fresh ideas and new techniques. She genuinely cares about her clients and makes them accountable in and out of the studio.


I highly recommend you give her a shot if you're thinking about taking the leap. 


Jennette Gray 

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