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Sarah. N. 

Working out is hard! It's called work for a reason and it sucks. I have used personal trainers over the years in various cities because let's be honest, who WANTS to do this. Excuses, excuses, "I have no time, I'm sore, I'm tired, I'm stressed...." there were so many excuses I would come up to not go the gym that I would actually spend more time convincing myself than I would ever spend in the actual gym. Cue Ms Alli Ross. Pretty little fireball, I met her and instantly I was like YES, she understands me. There was no ridiculous ideas of how to eat (a trainer once told me to eat 6 chicken breasts a day, A DAY!")! She explained that seeing her would not be easy, we would work hard, sometimes feel sick, feel lots of pain, but we would reach my goals. So it began, I had a reason to motivate me, show up to these workouts because I don't want to let Alli down, I booked them and paid for them, it's MY obligation to go. I go every week 2-4 times and sometimes I wouldn't mind punching that pretty little face.


I remember the first time she took me to run up the court house steps at the park. One, I don't run, two, I definitely don't run straight up a hill with steps while being timed. No way! "Just try it, you will be happy you did it I promise. Forget those people watching over there, do this for you" she said. So I did it. Alli cheered me the whole way up. The first time was dreadful, the second time I improved my time a lot, by the third time I was like "I can do this!!" That was a goal I didn't even know I had, an experience that I didn't even know I needed. I was never so proud of myself at that moment. 


Working out with Alli becomes a lifestyle, always wanting to try more, stretch classes, group classes, meal services, her knowledge about anything for that matter, is incredible, you ask, she finds an answer. She has become my nutritionist, my travel guide even my psychiatrist at times, lots go on in those sessions. She has become a friend not just a trainer. Alli is excited about my goals and my progress and genuinely cares about me as a person, even shooting me texts if she thinks I'm down or in need of motivation to get through a day after I see her. Every time I leave Alli I feel better about myself, which has a snowball effect on your lifestyle. It becomes an addiction really, the more you workout, the better you want to eat, the more motivated you become to stick with it. I look forward to seeing her every session (except leg day 😉) I feel so much healthier now. We all fall off the wagon and have bad days, a bottle of wine here, a block of cheese there, hell even Alli admits to it herself sometimes ( she is human) but she's so great at getting me back on track mentally and physically. I have to say that throughout the 10 years I have been using trainers almost exclusively, in both Toronto and Peterborough, I have never once considered writing a testimonial for any of them. She's THAT kind of awesome! 


I'm 7 months in and don't plan on stopping anytime soon, sorry Alli ;) 


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