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Sam. McKnight.

As a 50 year old male my ego and a touch of vanity were the toughest barriers to overcome. The phrase, “if you could have done it by now, you would have done it already” captures why I made the decision to hire a trainer.My fitness goals were modest... to back up the clock a few years and see what I could realistically accomplish within the framework of my everyday life... no extreme diets, extreme lifestyle changes or extreme time commitments.When you train with Ally, only your commitment and effort is judged...not your achievement or appearance... stop and think about that.The other thing that makes her different is that she is excellent at judging what you can do, so much so that I don’t count reps anymore.  She only starts counting when I hit a certain level of fatigue.  I can’t hide or fudge matter how many times I have tried.  This point frustrated me since with other programs that I have tried it is normally easy to do the reps...fill in the card and get home.With Alli there is no card and frankly no two sessions are the same so you can’t get psyched out about what you are facing.   Also, She has helped me to understand a critical point...growth/change comes from working close to a muscles limits and this varies every session. I will vouch for the fact that Alli can predict to the rep what I can do almost every time and If we hit a limit she changes the exercise on the fly!One final but critical point, yes it will hurt for a couple weeks while your body adapts...but this passes.They say it takes 28 days to change a habit so if you decide to do must budget for at least a month preferably three in my view.This was written by me without any input from Alli and you are welcome to contact me directly through Alli if you have any questions at all.

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