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Crystal. B. 

Well... 2 kids later and in my early 30s, I thought to myself.  It’s okay, I’m not that out of shape…then the realization that a career goal that I wanted to achieve was currently unachievable given my fitness level.  That wasn’t a good enough reason for me, so I asked around and Alli’s name was recommended to me by 2 different people.  So what the heck – I’ve never been a gym goer, but I could do this, right? I met with Alli, explained my goals and what I needed to achieve to pass the dreaded fitness test and began the following week. 

My first session was excruciating…that’s a lie, my first month was excruciating! I can remember when I finished my first session I wasn’t sure how to get out since I was pretty sure I couldn’t walk down the stairs from her loft and I was possibly ready to throw up, but that didn’t stop me.  I continued going 2x/week and now, 7 months later I can certainly see the impact of my hard work and Alli’s dedication.  She wasn’t easy on me, but if she had have been I wouldn’t be where I am now.

Is my journey over? Definitely not, it’s only just begun! But I know the building blocks have been laid – I think about ways to be active and get up and move every day and I am a heck of a lot stronger than I have ever been and it feels good!

Alli worked with me where I was at and encouraged me to be better than yesterday.  Thank you Alli for all you have invested in me thus far and here’s to our continued journey together!

- Crystal

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