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Personal Training

When I enter the studio after a long day of work, I truly know I can breathe... well, at least for a few minutes until Alli starts kicking my ass.

Alli customizes workouts that not only test your limits, but are also healthy for the mind and soul. I have been training with her twice a week for about a year and a half and have never felt stronger training with anyone else. I've had other Trainers and done other workout classes before but Alli and the Studio is what has worked for me and kept me accountable. Through the last few years ups and downs (covid, a new job, my wedding and everything else) these workouts have been a constant that was much needed in my life. 


If you have high goals set or you just want to add a bit of strength into your week/life, she will help you obtain it all! I couldn’t imagine my life without my weekly sessions now!

- Jane

(posted: Jan 2023)

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