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Tami. A.

     When I contacted Alli several months ago my goal was simple; to fit more comfortably into my wardrobe. I was sick of feeling constricted, uncomfortable and unattractive in my clothes. I used to stand in front of my closet and riffle through all of the things I couldn't wear; "Can't wear this...too tight around my waist, can't wear this...too much back fat, can't wear this...makes my ass look too big."

     At the beginning, I was a little frustrated. My body ached, my muscles were screaming...there were days when it was really hard to sit on the toilet, never mind get up! Despite that, I was starting to feel better. The soreness felt good because it reminded me that I was doing something good for myself. I was sleeping better, eating better, drinking more water. My frustration came from not seeing immediate results. But Alli said, "Trust me, you will." So, I did trust her. I figured...what do I have to lose? Turns out I lost 20 pounds and a few clothing sizes; from size 10 to a size 6! So all the old clothes I wanted to fit into are too big, and I've had the joy of buying new things to fit my new body.

     It has been and continues to be a great journey! I've met and exceeded my goals. My 51 year old body has more energy, focus, and clarity than my 35 year old body did. Alli has pushed me to do things I didn't know I could. She has the strength and drive to push you when you need it and the compassion to ease off a bit when it's necessary too. Workouts now are always challenging, always fun, and always different - we never do the same thing twice.

     If you're thinking about training with Alli, don't think about it any more - take the leap and do it for yourself. What have you got to lose?

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