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Personal Training


I came to Alli in Nov/Dec 2020 because I wanted to have a third baby and I knew I needed to get in shape beforehand or my body was going to be wrecked. We clicked right away at the intake session and got to talking so much she had to kick me out before her next client came. Over 18 months we did about 1/3 in studio, and 2/3 virtual as well as semi-regular fascial stretch treatments and this is what I can say about training with Alli:

She is a PRO – even through a screen there is no hiding a cheat move. She will call you out and get you to correct it until she is satisfied. She has a library of exercises and any number of modifications at her fingertips. Vinegar jugs for weights? She can work with that.

She has UNCANNY INTUITION – whether it was a stretch or a workout she just seemed to know where we needed to focus and when to be gentler, (notice I didn’t say gentle), and when she could get something out of me, I didn’t know I had.

She DOESN’T LET YOU QUIT – she can say it with a smile, she can say it with kindness, but you are going to work in your session, and you may even think it’s a good idea at the time.

She is WITH YOU ON YOUR JOURNEY – I had injuries, setbacks, and heartbreak while training with Alli and she was with me the whole time. She was flexible, accommodating and was able to pivot through all the changes. She also really cared. My goals were her goals.

I’m 6 months postpartum and it is incredible how quickly my body bounced back, which is a testament to Alli’s skill. I am eager to get started on the next goals with Alli...once I've slept a bit.

- Madeleine

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