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Daraleigh. I. 

Alli Ross rocks!

She has been my personal trainer for five years and has been a pillar of strength in my journey. In 2011 I was in a car accident. To this day I still have symptoms that can be affected or improved by exercise and that are continually changing.  Alli tailors each workout to how I feel when I walk into the studio and those open and frank discussions about how my day has gone, what symptoms we should work around and how the last workout affected the rest of my day is what keeps me coming back.  It's important to "Always show up" and to "Always give MY best", no matter what that is that specific day.  Alli has helped to keep diet and exercise at the forefront of my journey, two of the most important things.


I would recommend Alli Ross to anyone who is looking for a personal trainer that can adapt the program to match the client's needs at the workout - whether it's changing which muscles to work on, how to do the exercise or the intensity of the workout. Alli will make the changes so that you have the workout you needed. Good luck on your journey!

- Daraleigh (Dara-Lee) 

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