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Shelby L.W.

OK, this is for anyone out there who thinks like me: I fuckin hate working out, and l love pizza, chocolate, and drinking wine (and mostly at once), BUT what was starting to out weight my love for those was how I was feeling about myself: soft, and lumpy, tired and draggy. It was time for a change. 

Then I saw a before and after pic from a mutual friend (the power of Facebook), and that was the moment I knew it was time to switch things up, and that I controlled the change. 


I meet with Alli and we discussed my goals: 10 lbs of baby weight gone please! Then the dreaded "food conversation": I know my habits: and I know good eating habits and I'm aware of my bad habits, and I usually fall somewhere in between. We talked about small daily changes I could make, which seem manageable for my lifestyle (read: lazy). Then the alcohol conversation...I straight up told her I was not cutting out wine, that I have three kids and there's no way I'm going without. She suggested cutting back and thinking about which glass(es) I 'needed'...I could do that. I told her I wanted to make changes to my life but not change my life, and she was more than understanding and supportive of this. I left our first session with easy tips on how to attain this. 

And so it began...


I have always been somewhat active/fit, but after my second workout I sat in my car wondering if I was going to puke or pass-out, or perhaps both. But I stuck with it and went twice a week for 6 months, and the result began to show. I felt stronger, my energy level returned, and the workouts got easier. Alli always encouraged me and challenged me, even through my bitching she wouldn't let me falter. She also kept me accountable for my actions outside of the studio, making me aware of my eating/drinking habits at home and work.

Alli is passionate, driven and motivated to help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be; and this is infectious. My goals to lose 10lbs were surpassed and I lost 20lbs! But the part I love the most is when people ask me how, how did you lose the weight? Honestly is it straight forward: I went to sessions on 4 hours of sleep; I went to sessions when I was sick; I worked out through grieving and loss; I went to sessions when I was hungover; I put the time in. I changed my eating habits too, I questioned what I was about to eat and had that internal dialogue. But don't get me wrong I didn't cut out what I loved: I'd still eat pizza and drink wine but I wouldn't let myself polish off a med zia and a bottle of red. I thought about what I was eating. My favour quote from Alli, when discussing what I ate the night before, which was a "comfort meal", her reply was "you've been comfortable long enough!" Fuckin right. 

So thank you Alli, thank you for loving what you do, and for driving us to attain our goals, whatever they may look like.


Keep Hustlin'




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