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Natalie & James B.

Being with Alli is an experience. She is a verb, as in “I have been Alli Rossed” or “Oh my God my legs are shaking I have so been Alli Rossed!”.

Actual Photo to come soon

 & James 

I arrived at Alli’s studio as a swimmer, a former varsity athlete, an individual with a long athletic past, and someone who exercised regularly. I had just had my third child and needed to revive my body. The thing is, people like me are not easy to train. We need to be pushed, we have high expectations, we never want to plateau, we are intense.  I have been with Alli for nearly a year now and she has surpassed all of my expectations. She took my endurance and pushed me to become faster, she found the areas that I am weak and attacked them, she encouraged to push my boundaries and I love her for this because she is tireless in her effort to be the best and to make me the best too. Because of Alli I am leaner, faster and stronger than before. She has taken my expectations, kicked their ass and made me a million times better. I have been Alli Rossed and will never be the same again.

My husband, also an individual with a long athletic past, now sees Alli. He has said to me “Alli has awoken something in me that has been asleep for a really long time”. Alli has a real gift for training individuals who are new to exercise but also a gift for training individuals who are very familiar with exercise and looking to reach new and exciting places with their bodies. She addresses her clients holistically, personally, uniquely and with complete attention.  She asks questions like “what’s your food looking like” or “how is your stress at work” or “how are things with your kids” and listens while training your body to confront the world and defeat the obstacles.

Go get yourself a bit of Alli Ross, she will pulverize you and you will in turn be able to pulverize the world.

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