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Thai Stretch & Massage

Thai Massage & Thai Stretch

A little about this traditional healing system 

Thai Yoga Massage is a therapeutic style of massage combines soft tissue manipulation techniques, assisted yoga postures, breathing and meditation to bring the body into a state of deep relaxation. As the client, you are only required to try and maintain proper breathing and an empty mind throughout the practise - nothing more - as the practitioner takes you deeper into relaxation. Although it has the word "yoga" in it, do not be fooled, you don't need to hold any poses. The therapist moves and holds your body for you. It's absolutely blissful. By the end of your treatment you will feel lighter, taller, and completely relaxed from head to toe.  

brief history and why I added this to my life 

I chose to take my training at Navina, Costa Rica. A retreat centre owned and run by the epic Drew Hume. I met Drew back in 2013 when I took a Thai Yoga Massage weekend course. I immediately fell in love with his teaching style, energy, and brain - as well as the art of Thai Stretching & Massage. I knew I needed more but it was over 5 years later that I was finally in a position to take the two weeks away from my Personal Training business. Throughout those 5+ years I went to Toronto a number of times to receive treatments from Drew, whenever he was back in the country. Every time I left to drive home I knew I had to learn this and share it with others. It's beyond any massage treatment I've ever received. It's so much more personal... and so much deeper. Not in pressure but just deeper within the layers of the body. 

Finally in Jan 2020, just before the world went into lockdown over the COVID-19 crisis, I flew to Costa Rica and submersed myself in the Jungle at the Navina retreat centre. Drew's first lesson, "slow it down". So that's what we did. He taught us how to give a massage that felt amazing for both the recipient and the practitioner. We learned basics and also much deeper levels of Anatomy & Physiology along the way. 

What to expect

If you are looking to heal and relax, gain range of motion, become more flexible, or are just looking for something different, look no further. This practise will take your mind and body on a journey to paradise. The practise takes place in a dimly lit relaxing room, on a thick Thai mat on the floor which will have a fresh sheet for you. Blankets will be available and placed on you throughout. There will be music on in order to help guide your mind and body into deeper relaxation. 

Session length can vary, depending on what you want to achieve. The longer the session, the more relaxed you become and the deeper we can dive into healing & restoring your body. I highly recommend beginning with at least a 75 or 90 min session if you're able. The point with this Thai practise is to allow you body to down-regulate and relax your nervous system in order to achieve a state of true relaxation. It is in this meditative state that long lasting changes will be made to your mind and body. This practise coaxes your body into accepting and moving deeper within the poses via pure relaxation. Simply put, the longer the practise the more you will achieve. 

1 hr - Great if you just have a single issue to resolve & time is precious. $120

75 min - Perfect place to start your Thai Massage journey. $140

1.5 hrs - A lovely space in your day to treat and heal the mind and body. $160

2 hrs - The perfect length of time to fall into bliss if you're looking for a whole body experience. $200

2.5 hrs - Who am I kidding. Any length of time is amazing. $250

3 hrs - Amazingness. No explanation necessary. $300

** You can expect to be treated for 55 mins of the 60 min session, 70 mins of the 75 min session, 85 mins of the 90 min session and so forth.  


Please arrive ( buzz into the building) at your scheduled time, not early otherwise I may not be ready for you if you. For example. If you're scheduled for 11:45 please don't buzz in before 11:45. When you arrive for your treatment I ask that you are hydrated and bring clean, loose fitting clothes to change into, or wear them in. If you have pets at home ( cute little fur babies) I ask that you take extra precaution in bringing fur-free clothing with you. I try to keep the space as hypoallergenic as possible for myself and other clients. You typically will not be wearing socks - unless you wish - so it's always a thoughtful idea to shower or wash your feet before you arrive. Or of course you can bring a fresh pair of socks to change into upon arrival :)

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