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Personal Training

I met Alli just when Covid started and she was doing her Training virtually. Let me tell you, from the first session I had I knew I’d enjoy it and I knew she’d give me the kick in the butt I needed. Let’s be honest, Covid ruined all of us and our motivation.


I was new to the fitness world but wanted to get into it because I had spent so much time sitting around, so my mom introduced me to Alli and it was sealed from the first day. Alli taught me what it was like to enjoy working out and really got me into it. She really worked with where I was at and built upon that. 

She also helped me though a few personal struggles that I was going through and really gave me the guidance that I was looking for. She wasn’t someone who would just tell me what I was looking to hear. Alli tells you what you don’t want to hear no matter how much you don’t want to hear it, but does it in a way where it motivates you to keep going and get through whatever it is that you’re going through.


She’s a no bullshit type of person, but is absolutely the person you’ll need in your fitness journey to keep you motivated through whatever else you have going on.

Good luck on your journey!

Kaitlyn D.

(Posted 2023)

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