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Alison. Mahon

aka. alison newman

I would say when I first started training with Alli I was in a time in my life where I was desperate to do anything to lose weight and be happy with my body again, not that I wanted to be skinny, i've never been the "skinny girl" and I was ok with that, I just wanted to feel good in my clothes again. 

Its funny you know, I always had a gym membership, I have probably had one at every gym in town, I would go through spurts of using them and than end up back to doing nothing and feeling pretty crummy about myself. I had even used trainers at gyms and still it wasn't doing it for me. I had heard about Alli through a couple close friends and I just thought "screw it" and sent her a text and that was when my journey began.


Day one...…I almost passed out when I went back to work right after working out, I actually had to go lay down in our staffroom to regain strength but what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, am I right? So I continued going two times a week, and I loved it, I mean there were definitely times where is was a love/hate relationship and a lot of squaking noises.

Whenever I would work out on my own before I started going to Alli I would usually give up when it got to hard or if there was an exercise that I saw I just wouldn't even attempt it. For instance "Chin ups" have I ever done a "Chin up"? No but with Alli assisting yes! And WOW do you ever feel good when you have done something you haven't been able to do before.


Alli had turned into a great friend that you could tell anything to, our entire session would be spent chatting and bonding together, if you were having a bad day she always new the right things to say, if you drank to much on the weekend (in my case this happened a lot) she would kick your butt so you couldn't walk for four days. The best is we would laugh until we cried, about what? I don't know? (that time I hadn't shaved my legs and she called me a little "hobbit").

After every forty-five minute session I would lay sprawled on the floor of her studio dead, and than she would take a photo of me, at the same time cheering me on saying how great of a job I had done that day. 

The result in the end I was so happy and so much stronger, Alli brought back my spark that I had lost, I fit back comfortably into all my old clothes and I got a perky butt out of it.  


If you are seriously considering going to Alli DO IT, don't say tomorrow, do it now! You will truly love her, you will see amazing results! You might not be able to walk, but damn, you will look good! And hey! You get Alli as your new BFF!

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