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Michelle Jones

I have been doing Alli’s WHIP (Workplace High Intensity Interval Training Program) since I started at PRHC five years ago. I continued to do her exercise class throughout my first pregnancy all the way up until 39 weeks. I couldn’t do all of the exercises in the class, especially on Friday ab day, but Alli was able to modify the exercises for me so that I could still get a great workout while keeping me and baby safe. Continuing to do her class helped me stay strong and energized throughout my pregnancy, and it helped me manage my weight and prevent a lot of typical pregnancy symptoms like swelling and back pain. Near the end of my pregnancy, I experienced some round ligament pain and sore feet when I walked for longer than about ten minutes, but I found that Alli’s class was the one thing I could still while avoiding these symptoms. Her class also prepared me for the hardest workout of all, giving birth. By keeping my body strong, especially in my core and leg muscles, I was able to endure the two hours of pushing needed to welcome my baby to the world. Staying active also helped me bounce back after giving birth, as I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight after only three weeks. I would encourage other mommies to be as active as possible throughout their pregnancy and would definitely recommend Alli’s class.

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