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I have been training with Alli for a couple of months now and am already blown away with the changes that I am feeling in myself. I have more energy, less pain, and am carrying myself with so much more confidence. I am starting to eat healthier, not out of a desire to shrink or restrict myself, but out of a desire to feel good in my body. I am even starting to look forward to working out now!


I was super nervous to reach out to Alli at first. I have had some major injuries in the past, including breaking both of my legs in an accident, and the effects of those injuries meant that exercise often left me feeling the bad kind of sore, and honestly, kind of broken. Since working with Alli I am discovering that my body is way more capable than I could have hoped. She is awesome at adapting the exercises so that they are safe for you to do while also pushing you to find out just how strong you actually are.


If you are considering working with Alli, do it! She is amazing, even when she is being a literal pain in the butt, which is often. You will not regret it. Trust me, you want Alli on your team!


(posted Jan 1, 2023)

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