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The Englishman

Personal Training & Fascial Stretch Therapy

I have a very busy schedule and work from home. I wanted to get healthy/workout before I turned 50 but had a really bad habit of NOT making time during my work day - and jumping into my truck and heading to the gym each day was just not going to happen! I needed someone to come to me and force me to do what I wasn't going to. 

So what the hell do I do? 

For starters, lets see if I can find someone who is NOT too annoying to come to my home several times a week to try and break my habit and get me motivated!  I started searching in all the usual places and I kept coming across this "Alli Ross" website.....nice website...but was she going to be a very irritating female version of Tony Little? ..... the  last thing I wanted in my front living room!!

I called her and a few days later.....I met Miss Nut Crusher (AKA Alli Ross).  I had no idea what to expect, but we clicked immediately... That was about 3 years ago (UPDATE 9 years). Alli has been coming to my home several times a week for the last bunch of  years and my bad habit has been broken. Including my smoking habit (UPDATE: this has been an off and on battle). I'm so much stronger and somewhat flexible... compared to previous. 


She listensedto my needs and was patient but firm when I struggled through that difficult first few months..... now she is part of my daily routine even when she is not around!  I couldn't believe you could get results working from home without heavy weights/machinery, but Alli has proved this IS indeed possible. I have since built a gym in my home & Alli has helped me outfit it with all the strange little sweat provoking torture devices that meet her fancy. My tip to you is to just do what she says - always - without question and she will stay happy... which you want - because ultimately she is in control of whether or not you can shower properly, go to the washroom, cook a meal, get in and out of your car, go up and down the stairs, or play with your children without wincing or winging the next day. 

Alli is a super positive person who listens to your needs and has a passion for what she does. She takes her career/clients/business very seriously, she's professional, and in your sessions "business is business". She will distract you with good conversation but is always focused on making you get the most out of your session.


Through her smile and sense of humour she is without a doubt...number 1 in Peterborough...don't even think of going elsewhere! 

- Andy

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