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Personal Training & Fascial Stretch Therapy

I’ve trained with Alli for a few years now and I can tell you my body always feels it’s optimal level of health whenever I am under her guidance. As a busy working mom, "wifey", and Dentist I understand first hand how health and wellness go out the door first, funny because we all know self care is the most important thing. These sessions help keep me accountable to my own wellness. 


I worked out with Alli up until my 9th month of pregnancy (the one and only so far) and can honestly say by doing so I was better prepared for the energy and strength needed for birthing, post partum and motherhood ahead.

Over the years Alli has also given me a few Fascial Stretch treatments when I have thrown my back out or have been 'hunching' for far too long at work. She's flexible if I walk in and ask for a Stretch instead of a workout, knowing it's what's best for me that day. 


Alli is talented and knowledgeable in all areas of fitness, health, mobility and nutrition. She knows her stuff! It’s always a pleasure working out with her (as much as you get the butterflies leading up to it and your brain telling you every reason you should cancel), I always learn something new from her and always feel better leaving than when I came in, mentally and physically. So worth it!


For anyone wanting to focus on their health and strength and overall well being I very much recommend you try Alli out.

You won’t regret it!

- Megan

(posted: Jan, 2023)

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