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I almost threw up in my first training session with Alli just from a few basic bodyweight exercises. She was very nice about it.


A year or so later I'm feeling much stronger, more energetic, and only very rarely nauseous. Covid turned my once active life pretty sedentary, and I started going to Alli when I wanted to introduce more movement and strength into my day to day. I ended up with Alli because I was super intimidated by the gym and didn't really know what to do - exercise/movement/plan wise).


Alli does an incredible job at meeting you where you're at and then pushing you a little bit further. I've seen the effects of that effort both inside the Studio and out. I'm no longer scared of a weight rack and I can actually see shoulders and triceps muscles now! 

I've been with Alli around a year and I'd recommend her to anyone, or notably someone looking to turn their sedentary muscles into something much less squishy. 

- Courtney C

(Posted Jan 1, 2023)

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